Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh, Humana!

Well, today is my final consult before my insurance paperwork is submitted... I'm so nervous.

I really appreciate you all & your words of encouragement... Especially today. I've not been nervous up 'til now!

My parents are visiting & are coming to this appt with me. I hope that'll be okay with my doc.

Mostly, I'm worried about my weigh in. I haven't eaten a thing today, & am wearing the lightest clothes I think I own in the hopes that it'll show SOME loss!!! I don't want remedial dietician visits!!!

So, fellow bandsters & bandsters-to-be (like me, hopefully)... Please pray that my appt goes well & that my insurance gets approved, PLEASE!!!

Blessings to you all... xo
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  1. I'm thinking of you and can't wait to put your surgery date in my calender!!

  2. Happy vibes sent your way...can't wait for you to get that approval!

  3. Best of nice to have your parents to support you

  4. Yahoo! You are officially in my calendar!