Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Feelin' It...

... that thing you girls call "Bandster Hell!"

I'm nearly a month out from my surgery & wanna eat everything in sight!  LOL
Okay, well not really, but I'm really only feeling any restriction at all when I eat bread.  Yes, that's right, bread.  I'm able to eat pretty much anything if chewed well enough.  I'm definitely not overeating, but I'm hungrier than I'd prefer after going through all this.  And while I realize this is temporary, I feel like I've stalled out after doing so well previously (with the weight loss).

My first fill is June 10th.  I have the 14 cc "large" band, by the way.  This was decided due to my hiatal hernia... just something my doctor standardly does.  At any rate, I'm feeling awesome, since the gas pains left.  They lasted a full 2 weeks.  But all is great, truly.  Just looking forward to some restriction, & SOON!

My absence is something else I must explain.  I've been a horrible blogger, but even worse, a horrible blog-friend!  I apologize to those of you who feel like I dropped off the face of the earth.  I did not mean to abandon you all in our mutual journey.  With my parents here, & having extended their visit to help support me through my surgical recovery, we made good use of the time.  We accomplished much & spent some quality time together.  They've headed back up to Canada now, but in doing so, have left me with great memories & my favourite new place to hang out in (well, outside) of my home:

THIS is my new(er) & improved patio!  (Click on collage to enlarge.)  Isn't it delightful?  SOOO relaxing.  I spend every (cooler) waking moment out here, reading & sipping homemade iced tea.  It's my happy place!

I need to thank you all for your support through this time, & especially Tanya & Camille who have been among the most generous & precious friends I could ever ask for!  You are all a blessing!!!

I plan on catching up with all of you in the next few days.  In the meantime, I head back to another sort of hell tomorrow... WORK!  It's been so nice being away.  I can't wait until my next vacation time:  CHICAGO!  See you ladies there... xo

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Monday, May 3, 2010

I Did a Bad, Bad Thing...

I don't exactly know what it was, but it was one of three things.

Let me, first, say that things have been going relatively well since my surgery... The gas pain has been the worst of it. I'm getting hunger pangs that clears are just not satisfying me beyond a couple hours, & I'm beyond bored with my choices.

So, yesterday, I went grocery shopping with my Mom, & was excited by a few things I found.
Splenda puddings (I don't do aspartame... dubbed "as-par-ta-mé" by me), & those Yeah wafer bars Camille mentioned. Not for right now, of course. But along with all that, I'd decided today was the day I advance to full liquids. So, here are my 3 bad bad things:

1. I had caffeinated coffee with 2 half-&-halfs at church. (First time having caffeine or milk in a while.)
2. I took a Gas-X strip because I was feeling a lot of shoulder pain (ie: gas pressure on my diaphragm represented as phrenic nerve pain). While these strips seemed to work for Camille, I think they stop me from being able to (I'm sorry) pass gas... not good!
3. I got ahead of myself when I returned from grocery shopping, & in my excitement, I ate (chewing heartily the whole way through) one of my new found tapioca pudding cups! So NOT a full liquid...

So, I was, in essence asking for it! And, boy did I get it!!!

I felt sorta stuck, but not stuck. Just couldn't expell any of the pressure in my body. I was in AGONY!!! I walked. I rocked. I got nauseated to beat the band! Thank GOD for transdermal Phenergan, specially written by my surgeon, & compounded by my local pharmacist!!! Worked like a charm... But the misery continued well into the night!

Finally, I awoke this morning... lo & behold, my ability to "relieve pressure" had returned, & I was a new woman. So, I've been out all day running errands. Came home exhausted & ate something mushy.

Will I ever learn???
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