Wednesday, March 24, 2010

La Belle Vin... (oops) Vie!

Yes, I've been living the good life ("la belle vie") the past couple of weeks!  And it's included a lot of "Vin" (wine)! 

My parents are in town for a couple of months, staying with me.  It's great... I truly treasure their company.  And my Godparents (my Mom's sister & her husband) came to stay with us as well for a couple of weeks.  And so, I took a few days off work & we enjoyed the good life, together!
BBQs & sightseeing... shopping & feasting.  It's been a jolly great ol' time!

And then reality sets in.  I'm a week away from my final visit with my surgeon before we submit the insurance paperwork for approval.  I'm terrified to get on the scale right now.  I haven't done terrible in my eating... but I know I've probably gained a few pounds.  And other than walking the local sights for hours on end, I've gotten no good exercise.

I know I'm not where I need to be, so this week I need to start cracking down again.  I MUST lose more weight so the good doctor doesn't send me to additional nutritionist appts, like he did my friend Camille... who just got banded today!!!

On top of all that, I need to have a garage sale this weekend.  I've been putting it off, but don't want to wait another 3 weeks (Easter is fast approaching & you can't have a garage sale Easter weekend)!!!

All this stress is making me break out like a pubescent teenager!!!  Calgon, take me away...
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  1. Ooooh you're in trouble!! Kidding. Don't worry. Once you start liquids you will drop it like it's hot!!

  2. great post, and it's nice to have you back. you hadn't blogged in a while. i agree with camille, once the liquid diet starts it'll melt off of you. good luck my friend. keep us posted.

  3. you will be fine. no pre-suffering. if you have to take licks, take the licks. at the end of it you will have a band and everyone else can s*ck it!


    Lets get together soon.


  4. Don't stress it will all be good!!!