Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blown Away... & BYOC! (Oh... & vlog)

For a change, this little cartoon is NOT true for me!!!  I'm quite amazed, actually.  I'm down 22 lbs. now!!!  I'm no longer concerned about my weigh-in with the doc tomorrow.  So, in celebration, after church today, I had BRUNCH!  Brunch was 2 soft-boiled eggs, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, & decaf coffee with milk.  YUM!  And I think I'll have fish for dinner tonight too.  Other than that, I've had one shake today & 2 glasses of herbal iced tea (decaf).  It's funny how cravings have been for good, healthy stuff now.  Even salad!  I always hated salad.  These 2 weeks have really helped me to appreciate the taste of foods for themselves, & I think that's a whole new awakening for me in the future of this battle.  I'm claiming the victory!!!

On to BYOC (which I missed on Friday):

1. Name a career you would not Not want to do and tell why?
Oh, I can think of several I would NOT want to do.  And many I would (if I had the financial freedom).
Hmmm... I'll have to say:  purely based upon the toll I see it take on their personal lives... a surgeon!  I love my job.  I'm a pediatric operating room nurse.  But I see all the docs (minus anesthesiologists) who take care of our kids & their home lives are quite frequently a mess!  They're on call constantly.  Besides doing surgeries all day, they have clinic hours, rounds, meetings, consults, etc.  I'm single right now, but when I have a hubby & kids, I want to actually be the one to raise those babies, and to be the one who spends time with my hubby every day or eve... not somebody else!!!  Just my take...

2. Whats the best present you ever received for your birthday?
It's hard to pick just one gift over the years... but something TRULY special that always comes to mind is when my baby sister (Jilly, I LOVE you) treated me to a trip to Hawaii for my 22nd birthday!  Now, she'd won the trip (for two) through work & it only included the airfare.  So happens that my boyfriend at the time was vacationing there with his folks who were LIVING there in his grandparents vacation apartment.  So, to make a long story short... we had free airfare, accommodations, & just needed spending money.  That was back in my skinny days (123 lbs!!!) & I enjoyed myself immensely!  Someday I'll scan & post the pics to prove it!  My sis is always bugging me b/c that was before digital cams & I have all the photos in a box, somewhere...

3. What do you hide behind?
For me, I don't find I hide "behind" so much as I just HIDE!  As most of us do, I imagine, I hide from any cameras or video.  I hide from doing things because I'm terrified to make a fool of myself as the fat chick.  I don't wanna be that girl that falls flat on her face.  So I just hide.  Well, I made this vlog a while back & haven't yet posted it.  Why?  Because I hide!  So, no more hiding!!!  This is 22 lbs. ago, girls... and it's my very first (& only so far) EVER vlog recorded.  I'm really awkward & don't know where to look.  I can hardly bear to watch it!  Okay...  Eeek... here it is:
4. Where were you born?
I was born in Northern Ontario, Canada.  A small town called Kirkland Lake.  Kirkland Lake was built on gold, but it is equally as well known for producing world-famous hockey players. Legendary hockey broadcaster Foster Hewitt called Kirkland Lake "the town that made the NHL famous."  Actors Alan Thicke (Jason Seaver from Growing Pains) & Michael Hogan came from there, as well as Toller Cranston (Olympic figure skater) & Sir Harry Oakes (mining millionaire who was murdered in the Bahamas... still a mystery) & a few other famed people.  Quite an auspicious list for such a little hole-in-the-wall!  LOL

5. Which comment affected you greatly?
Honestly, every single comment means the WORLD to me!!!  It's so true... we need so much encouragement through this journey & I'm SO grateful I have ALL of YOU!!!  My own dear family is so far away (except when my parents are visiting... like now) & so your support & presence has meant the world to me!
If I had to choose, it would be my friend Tanya's comment that put some wind in my sails on my post Final Approach.  She is just always so complimentary on my writing... which means a lot because I'm kinda amazed that anyone would want to read what things I post on my oh-so-boring life (remember, I HIDE!).  But, truly... thanks to ALL of you!!!  xo

Finally...  A lot of you have been sharing pics of your precious pets.  I cannot be left out!  I LOVE my babies!  So, here they are... my bullie brood:
From left to right are Jazz, Miranda (Roo), Brontë, & Dozer (Willie).  They're the bestest!!!
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  1. No more hiding - you are so gorgeous! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. They are just so cute sleeping next to each other!! You have nothing to hide from. You are a classy lady!!

  3. Oh! I think you should name your band Coco. Like Coco Chanel. She was classy and ahead of her time and she didn't give a crap what people thought. Coco is also kind of a pet name and you LOVE dogs. So that is my vote. Coco. When you make your goal you can buy a new Chanel outfit or sunglasses or watch or WHATEVER because it will all fit!

  4. Robin, that was a great vlog. you are having great hair and everything! I totally enjoyed it! Great idea for just keeping track of the way you look.

    Your dog pic is so stinkin cute. How sweet are those 4 dogs? Super Sweet!

    TWENTY TWO! Seriously???? Way to go friend!

    LLLOOOOVVVEEE Coco! Great idea Camille!

    Let us know how tomorrow goes~

  5. OMG! I am so jealous of you bulldogs! Cute!

    Congrats on the 22 lbs!

  6. Thats what this whole blogging biz is about - documenting our journey so you can look back and see your ups and downs and everything in between.
    Congrats on starting the banding process.. it's exciting, look forward to hearing when you get a date!!!

  7. Darn, meant to add: love the vlog!! You sound so cute and its great to put a face (thats not a picture) and a voice together. :)

  8. Oh for goodness sake! I'm slow sometimes. I see now that you are being banded Wednesday (thanks for letting me know via comment.) I think I missed this lead up due to work and being AWOL but I am STOKED for you - this is fantastic news. Only two more sleeps now.. WHOOOO.. I will be thinking of you and wishing you all the best. See you on the other side, sunshine xx

  9. great vlog. and everyone's right. you're a hottie! classy too. chanel is a good name for your band. it fits you. LOVING the four bulldogs. one of my besties has a sister named bronte. after the famous author i presume? good luck on wednesday and keep us posted.

  10. It is so great to see you and hear you!!! Good luck with the band....and 22 lbs down is awesome....see you in Chicago

  11. I know that your Surgery is tomorrow the 28th of April, good luck and let us know when you can that all is well!!