Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let it NOT be for naught...

Today was my pre-op diet class.  Pretty much nothing was said that I didn't already know (from all you smart chiks), but I met some interesting fellow about-to-be-bandsters!  One lady is getting banded TOMORROW, & was there to refresh herself on the post-op diet tips.  Blessings Linda... I'll be praying for a safe surgery for you!

I start MY pre-op diet tomorrow!  As it is currently past 1:30 am, make that TODAY!  2 weeks until surgery... & no word yet from Humana.  I called on Monday, but it's still in "nurse review."  I told the girl my surgery was for the 28th, so she added that to my file.  Thursday it'll be 2 weeks since my paperwork was submitted & she said that's about how long it takes, so PLEASE keep your fingers crossed, my friends!!!  I don't wanna be drinking all my meals only to find out it's all for naught.

Of course, I must give a HUGE shout-out to my amazing friend, Camille, who gifted me with tonnes of powdery-meal-replacement supplies she would rather never see again, as well as some chewable vitamins she doesn't like (but I do!).  I told you already, but thanks again, Camille!  You rock!!!

And Tanya... the best resource a girl could have going into all this... She's got this thing down & is truly the whole reason I'm even on this journey at this time.  Without her, I'd be onto my next "this time I'm REALLY going to make it" diet scheme... only to fail yet again.

My parents have been awesome too!  They came with me to the pre-op diet session today & then went out & got me these awesome little containers to carry my shake powder in:
They're exactly the right size for my 2 scoops of Bariatric Advantage powder before adding the water.
Now, I just have to figure out what to mix it all in when I'm at work.  I don't want this to be painfully obvious to everyone (yet), so your suggestions would be invaluable!!!

My folks also surprised me with a yummy steak, potato with the works, & veggie dinner.  My last "normal" meal.  Well, there's going to be a whole NEW normal now!
And as I write this blog entry, I'm having my final late night snack:

My new favourite Greek yogurt I picked up at Sam's Club this week, with my favourite fruit thrown on top.  I might just sneak ONE Dove dark chocolate square before I curl under the covers too.  Then I'm on to my whole new life!!!

Apologies for the food porn, friends.  And thank YOU for your support!  (I sound like a Bartles & James commercial.  Ha!)

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  1. Good luck on the pre surgery diet...I found it the hardest bit!!! I would take a shaker to mix the protein powders at work.

  2. Can you make the shakes at home and bring them in? QVC sells these

    and the review look pretty good.

  3. Those are AWESOME, Jenny!!! I already speed-ordered mine! :)
    Thank you.

  4. Good luck on the pre-op. These two weeks will just fly by!

  5. WOOHOO!! Pre-op diet is beginning! I have lovely Isopure for you for the first week (aka 4 days) post-op!! You got this, girl!

  6. this is just the beginning. the first few days of the pre op diet kinda suck, but after that it gets easier. and this is the first step to your brand new life. keep us posted.