Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pre-Op, SV & NSV!

Scales are FICKLE!  I weighed myself at home Sunday & it showed 253 lbs.  Monday morning it was 254 lbs. at the doctor's office.  But my pre-op is DONE.  I pre-registered for surgery this morning & it looks like he might keep me overnight, depending on the size of my hiatal hernia (which is categorized as "small, sliding").  He also said because of the hernia & today's litigious society, he may put the larger band in.  Dunno exactly what that has to do with anything, but okay.  He will use his professional judgment once he gets in there.  I'm just so ready for this to be over!!!  Since I've weighed in & I'm good to go, I'm so over all the jumping through hoops.  My give-a-shit factor is low today, since I've also been dealing with the local governmental hoops as I sell my old, used car.  It was a good car... but this title transfer business is giving me brain damage!  LOL
Oh, & I forgot to share an NSV!  I go to a pretty huge church:  Bay Area Fellowship.  I love this place, but not so much its seats.  They're not bad as far as stadium seats go, but still...  The ones are the end are more generous, but church was full yesterday (praise God!) & I was forced to sit in the middle of the row.  Usually I fit, but it's a squeeze & I'm thoroughly uncomfortable... especially if there's someone I don't know right beside me.
 Well yesterday, when I went to sit in this seat, fully expecting the usual feeling of scraping of the seat arms alongside my giant hips, a miracle happened!!!  I sat & I FIT!  I sat sandwiched between my parents & some man I don't know, & I wasn't uncomfortable.  I didn't spill over my own seat.  I could sit with my elbows in my own section & still reach for my coffee cup in the drink holder without elbowing anyone in the face!  And it only gets better from here...  WOOHOO!
Also, my countdown clock is silly.  I punched in my surgery date:  April 28th (Wednesday) & it's short!  I think it's counting the second the clock strikes midnight on the 28th... So, it's NOT 4 hours left... but it IS tomorrow morning.  I'll leave for the hospital at 6:30 am.  Surgery is for 8:30 am barring any delays.  Keep your fingers crossed & please pray for a safe procedure for me!!!  I love you, girls!!!
Finally, I'm still taking suggestions on my BAND NAME!  Camille said "Coco," as in Chanel.  I kinda like it, but wanna know YOUR thoughts!  And I want some input from you girls as I set up an NSV goal checklist.  A few of you have them on your blogs, but someone had a GREAT one & I can't find it now!!!  C'mon band-mates... I need your brains.  Mine's SHOT!  xo

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  1. Coco for sure!!!!!!
    Good luck tomorrow, isn't it incredible to know that tomorrow you will be changing you own fate, I remember that day and how I felt it took my breath away, and looking back to day I am so0o happy that I did this, it truly has changed my life!

  2. Naming bands are so hard, because I feel like they should be very personal to the person who has it. I like Coco. Do you like Coco Chanel? Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I like Coco too, but like Bonnie said, it must speak to you.

    Good luck tomorrow and don't forget to check in when you can to let us know all is ok!!

  4. Yep! Coco for me too!

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!


  5. Good luck for today!!
    Wishing you lots of healing vibes!

  6. What a great NSV!!

    I agree that the names are personal, but I do love CoCo-talk about fabulous ladies.

  7. My give a shit factor - I freaking love that and may steal it. Hee. Good luck sweetie - Coco is adorable.