Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, Chicago!

Was it really real?

Our flight was cancelled. We were supposed to get there by 10 am Saturday, but didn't make it until about 1 pm. Just in time for the Architecture River Cruise, thanks to the VERY BEST cabbie in the world! As Camille said, "we SO would have won the Amazing Race!"

The cruise... What a lovely way to see Chicago. It turned a little cool, but I was soaking it in. Away from the Texas humidity for a change was LOVELY!!!
Chicago River

So many weddings & people greeted us from every bridge!
Lots of kayakers too!

The famous EL!

Afterwards, I soaked in the city a little more & met up with Camille at Saks. We did a little window shopping & stopped in at the Apple Store & Garrett's Popcorn Shop on the way back to our hotel.
Our hotel
View from our hotel room

I SOOO want one of these:
The new NANO!
The famous Garrett Popcorn Shop
The Magnificent Mile!
Soon after, we were off to our BOOBs Dinner at Phil Stefani's 437 Rush. The place was perfect... the food terrific... but, best of all was the company! Approximately 50 BOOBs in attendance & approximately 3500 lbs down!!! It was quite overwhelming.

The evening was terrific. I was ill-prepared for the feeling of having so many kindred spirits in one small space. And while I didn't get to REALLY chat with everyone, the love & acceptance in that room was palpable. I wish it could have lasted so much longer.

But I'd stayed up practically ALL night the night before, preparing for our journey... & the Sandman comes calling eventually. So Camille & I headed back to our hotel to prepare for our early-morning flight back to Texas. (Boo!)

Our wonderful cabbie returned to fetch us at 6:45 am, & we were off again...
Flying first-class home was a treat, but we were all-too-soon deposited back into the heat & humidity of TX. Camille's hubby & baby girl surprised us at the gate... which was so sweet!

I returned home to greet my 4 loves & take a much-needed nap.

And so, it all felt like a dream.

The next day, a much-anticipated cold front blew in.  I'm relishing memories of the cool Chicago breeze, & the start of my outdoor escapades that the TX heat just would not permit me to do.

Now, if I only had that Nano!!!

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  1. I am so so so glad you actually made it. From all of us, the weekend was truly inspiring. Setting a new course and new beginning. Thanks for the pics. Of course I forgot my camera on the cruise and now have to mooch on others.

    ps-I have some great pics of you and will get them out when I am back from San Francisco.

  2. You forgot your camera on the cruise??? Oh no... will you be able to get it back, Sandy? Have a wonderful time in SF!!! xo

  3. I wish I could have stuck it out longer on the upper deck of the boat, but I really got cold. At least I can see some photos of what I missed. Glad you and Camille were able to make it, even if it was late, and it was nice seeing some friendly BOOB faces Sunday morning as I was feeling depressed because the weekend was over.

  4. Robin it was so great to meet you!!

  5. That is one cute pile of puppy dogs! :)

  6. Loved getting to visit with you, even though it was short. What a fun weekend. Can't wait til next year! I came home to a cool front too, what a treat.

  7. Oh Robin, your babys are beautiful!

    It was great meeting you and Camille and I was sorry it was for such a short time. you seem to have gotten a lot packed into the short time you were there though! Can't wait to do it again!

  8. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend any time with you! I saw you guys arrive and then just couldn't catch up with you during the weekend. Next time you are on my list of must meets!! I love the photos especially the puppies!

  9. I want a nano too! When I first came to your blog (yesterday) I was thinking you lived in the New England glad to see it's Texas- me too!!

    Thanks for sharing pics- it means alot to those of us who didn't get to Chi town

  10. Love the cute!
    Great pics! Sounds like it was a memorable weekend!

    I promised my son a Nano if he did well in school...looks like we are going to the APPLE Store this weekend! Ill let you know!

  11. are just the sweetest thing and I adore those pups.

  12. A pure delight to meet you! Wish we could have hung out more - next time! Come over to San Diego some time! ;)

  13. I totally ordered a pink nano. I need to purge some of my ipods. Damn you, Apple!!

  14. I want that new Nano BADLY too! Perhaps that should be my next self-indulgent treat, lol.

    Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit in Chicago. :( Next time for sure! :)

    PS- The mini-series I was referring to in the questionnaire was "North & South." Its actually my first memory of Patrick... way before Dirty Dancing. LOL

  15. Robin, it was so great to meet you, I just wish we had more time to talk! So glad you enjoyed your (too short) Chicago weekend! See you at BOOBS 2.0!!